Project description

The aim of the Excellence-in-ReSTI project is to remove gaps in knowledge and skills in managing social and technological innovation (ReSTI) projects. The general goal is to create an environment in which interested stakeholders, in particular young project managers, as well as administrators in public and private organizations engaged in such projects within the Danube Region can find easy-to-use checklists, learning modules and advice with a specifically tailored content regarding the management of ReSTI projects.


Programme outline

Module 1 EU Policies
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Course 1.1 EU Institutions and Strategy
Course 1.2 EU Policy Goals and Guidelines
Course 1.3 EU Grant Landscape and Funding Structure

Module 2 Project Design
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Course 2.1 Introduction to Grant Application Writing
Course 2.2 Advanced project development and application preparation
Course 2.3 Forming a Consortium
Course 2.4 Budget Development

Module 3 Project Management
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Course 3.1 Introduction to Project Management
Course 3.2 Risk Management
Course 3.3 Financial management and Reporting
Course 3.4 Communication & Dissemination, Capitalization
Course 3.5 Exploitation & IPR

Module 4 Social Innovation
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Course 4.1 Introduction to Social Innovation
Course 4.2 Social Innovation Approaches and Methodologies
Course 4.3 Designing and Implementing Social Innovations (incl. Case Studies)

Module 5 Innovation in the Business Context
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Course 5.1 Innovation Sandbox
Course 5.2 Introduction to Human-Centered Innovation Practice
Course 5.3 Toward Sustainability: Introduction to Nature-Based Innovation Practice
Course 5.4 Bringing Innovation to Market
Course 5.5 Business Development

This link will take you to Moodle, where you will be able to read description of the courses. If you are interested in taking a course, you need to register to Moodle first. Further instructions on how to enrol will follow there.

Process description

Each course offers multiple entry points to the learning through The Library Door where course content resources are consolidated, The Cafe Door where learners are guided through activities to co-create content together with others, The Playground Door where playful activities facilitate hands-on learning, The Forest Door where reflection activities help to solidify and integrate the learning, and The Assessment Door where the level of knowledge gained and/or skills acquired will be tested.

This approach is based on the classic theory of Kolb's Learning Styles (Kolb, 1984) and adapted from Thiagi's 4- Door Approach (Thiagi, 2015). Behind each door, the methods are tailoring to a particular learning style, and participants can either walk through all doors and solidify their learning through repetition in various formats and/or choose the approach that works best for them. The only door that is mandatory is the assessment door. If learners are familiar with particular content, they may try to pass through the course by taking the exam upon entry. The purpose here is to optimize the learning potential and give full control about type and depth of learning to the learner.

ReSTI 5-door approach to eLearning WatchME! (CLICK here to watch video...). The ReSTI Programme Design accomodates multiple learning styles through the ReSTI 5-Door Approach to eLearning.

Legal statement

Unless otherwise indicated the license for the ReSTI Programme is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 . Specific information about this type of license can be found here.
Under this license, users are free to share, copy and redistribute the materials in any medium or format, however, full attribution is required. Use this attribution: Material taken from the curriculum of the pilot training programme of project Excellence-in-ReSTI co-funded by European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA) under the Danube Transnational Programme.
While commercial use of the Excellence-in-ReSTI Programme materials is prohibited, it is permissible for individual educators, trainers or institutions to organize workshops to support learners of the Excellence-in-ReSTI Programme and charge for the time spent with workshop participants. It is kindly requested that learners in workshops should always register on the ReSTI Academy site and pull the resources from the site directly.

Project co-funded by European funds (ERDF, IPA)